How to replace the battery car handle

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1. How to replace the electric vehicle handle


1. Firstly, pull the knob down. If it cannot be pulled down, scald it with hot water;
2. Secondly, remove the front casing and disconnect the rotary plug;
3. Then install a new handle and start wiring after installation. The handle has three or five wires. The three wires are not equipped with buttons, red, black, and green. These three wires control the speed, and the three wires are connected directly.
2. How to disassemble the electric vehicle handle
There are two hexagonal screws directly below the dashboard, just use a tool to unscrew them.

Electric vehicle


Electric vehicles, in short, are driven by electricity. A car powered by electricity. Classification of electric vehicles Electric vehicles can be divided into: electric bicycles, electric motorcycle, etc. The first electric vehicle was manufactured in 1834 and was driven by a DC motor. To this day, electric vehicles have undergone tremendous changes and come in various types. Electric vehicles are popular among people because they save money and fuel.

Development History:

In the mid-19th century, people used electric vehicles for ease of operation. With the improvement of cars that use internal combustion engines, energy charging is fast and convenient, and electric vehicles can be said to have completely withdrawn from the market in the early 20th century. In the 21st century, due to environmental issues and the oil crisis, renewable energy has attracted much attention, and electric vehicles that can fully adapt to renewable energy are becoming increasingly popular.

3. What should I do if the electric vehicle handle cannot be turned

There is a problem with replacing the sensor or controller.

Common faults of the rotating handle include two situations: the wheel does not rotate when the rotating handle is turned, and the wheel flies when the handle is not turned. They are respectively caused by soft breakdown faults between the control pole and ground or the power supply. We have encountered the phenomenon of wheel spin on electric bicycles on rainy days, and the reason is that rainwater seeps into the red and green leads, which is equivalent to a small resistance parallel connected between the control pole of the Hall sensor and the power supply, This led to takeoff and turning, and after the rain cleared, the control function of the turning lever returned to normal.

At this point, measures must be taken, otherwise over time, permanent damage to the Hall sensor may occur, and there is a possibility of water seepage. One is that the hot melt adhesive at the sensor pins does not fully cover the leads, and the other is that the lead plug under the frame is flooded. When the Hall sensor is damaged, simply open the handle and replace it.

Firstly, before maintenance, support the electric vehicle so that it does not touch the ground in the air. Then, turn on the electric vehicle and check if there is continuous movement of the rear wheels by rotating the handle. If it rotates intermittently, it means that the handle is broken. If it does not rotate, it is likely to be a problem with other parts. During maintenance, open the front cover of the electric vehicle and follow the signal of the handle to find the wiring plug inside the end cover, Generally speaking, the plug of the handle has three wires: red wire, black wire, and green wire. The red wire is the+5V power supply end, the black wire is the ground wire, and the green wire is the output wire. Each wire has a different function.

Then unplug all the plugs of the controller and use a red probe to contact the red wire on one side of the controller plug, while a black probe contacts the black wire on one side of the controller plug. Measure the voltage to see if the power supply to the controller is normal, and finally connect the plug. Use a black probe to touch the metal piece of the black wire and a red probe to touch the metal piece of the green wire. Then, turn the car handle and observe the multimeter value. If the value changes from 1V to 4V, It indicates that the handle can be used normally. If the multimeter does not move, it means there is a problem with the handle or controller, and it can be repaired.

4. Electric vehicle handle connection method

The transfer connection method is divided into:

1. Purpose type: First detect the polarity of the controller's outgoing line, connect the+5V line to the red line of the handle, connect the negative line to the black line of the handle, and then connect the remaining line.

2. Blind connection: First, find the positive and signal wires of the rotating handle and connect them to the controller lead wire until the motor rotates. Then, connect the negative pole of the rotating handle and the motor stops running. If it doesn't stop, replace the positive and signal wires. Rotate the rotating handle for debugging.

1. The handlebar is the speed control component of an electric vehicle, usually located on the right side of the electric vehicle, in the direction of the right hand when riding. The rotation range of the electric vehicle handlebar is between 0 and 30 degrees.

2. The rotary knob is a linear speed control component with many styles, but its working principle is the same. It can be divided into direct speed control and indirect speed control. Indirect speed control is no longer common, and the following is a direct speed control rotary knob. Indirect speed control and direct speed control can be used interchangeably.

3. Handle construction

The internal structure of the rotating handle can be divided into two types based on magnetic steel: integrated magnetic steel type and split magnetic steel type. The rotating handle is composed of magnetic steel wires, Hall components, return springs, and plastic components. As a repair and assembly industry personnel, the internal structure can be understood as long as you know it, without delving into it. The following mainly introduces the outgoing lines of the rotary knob: The outgoing lines of the rotary knob are the outgoing lines of linear Hall devices, with three wires:+5V power line (red), negative line (black or yellow), and signal line (green). The colors of the wires are summarized based on commonly used types, and specific situations are analyzed.

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